Back To Mississippi is available in eBook, Hard Back, and Paper Back

Mississippi Got the Message!

Mississippi Got the Message!

• Imagine being one of nine students out of five hundred, chosen to change history.

• Imagine having such great impact on the “Sovereignty Commission” and the white citizens of Mississippi that the state eventually made a 180 degree turn in its attitude towards its black citizens.

• Imagine what kind of person could be involved in such a thing. Or just read the book!

March Memories available in Paper Back and Kindle eBook

Come with me on a journey back to March 1961

Come with me on a journey back to March 1961.

The days of uncertainty, fear, and determination are outlined in a day-by-day experience.

Yesteryear was where it started, in terms of remembrances. Today, there is an urgency to redirect the "thinking" to self-understanding, directions, and possibilities!!!!

I am excited about my mission and being a part of this emerging "mindset"!!!

Goal: enlighten "nationally" and direct the re-education close to our roots! We can move forward, but we must look back seeing from where we came; assess where we are on the road to making the trip of full appreciation by taking a part of the process and making it a personal quest and journey!